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How to connect model traffic light to RYG cycle controller

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Traffic lights will add more realism to the road system in the model railroad layouts. FunTrying HO scale traffic Lights can realize the cycle of red, green and yellow light colors under the control of the controller. it make the traffic lights more realistic. Here is an example (FunTrying LTL04) to show how the traffic lights are connected to the controller.

FunTrying HO Scale Model Traffic Light Kit includes 4 traffic lights and a RYG cycle controller, and the controller can simultaneously support 6 traffic lights.

The picture below is a complete connection diagram.

RYG Sequence when power on: Red (4 Sec.) -- Flashing Red (1 Sec.) -- Green (4 Sec.) -- Flashing Green (1 Sec.) -- Amber (4 Sec.) -- Flashing Amber (1 Sec.) -- Red.

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