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Mesh Filamentous Tree Powder Model Vegetation Leaf Powder Fine Particle Train Army Sand Table Model

1. It can be used as terrain vegetation, suitable for military war sand table to cover model tanks, etc., used as vegetation such as flaky weeds in fields and mountains.

2. Can be used as tree powder for wire model trees. Method: A.Prepare the model wire trunk, cut the mesh tree powder into small pieces with tools such as scissors, and tear the mesh tree trunk as thin as possible by hand.

B.Put glue on. Attach the cropped artificial mesh tree powder to the trunk in small quantities and many times,each time a layer of mesh tree powder is attached, you need to spray the fixing glue again.Mix colors for better effect

C.Finally, sprinkle the falling powder evenly on the prepared wire tree model (note: falling powder is a normal phenomenon)

3. Can be used as a house creeper, etc. Please refer to the picture

4. The simulated mesh tree powder that has been cut can be directly attached to the trunk of thorn quinoa for many times to make weeds and dead trees in barren mountains and fields.

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