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Remote Control Switch&Adapter/Power Supply

3-12V Remote Control/Dimmable Power Supply

Versatile, suitable for multiple voltages

Up to 20 lights can be connected at the same time

The switch of the lamp is controlled by the port, which can realize the independent switch of the lamp

This Wireless Remote Control Switch&Adapter kit contains:

1. 3V or 5V or 12V Power Supply

2. 6-Ports Distributor

3. 6 Male Plugs

4. 6 Linker Plugs

The power has 6 output ports and each port connects 3 Lights or LEDs, total 18 Lights or LEDs can be lighted up by this handy tool. Combine use with other FunTrying tools of ditribution to connect 60-70 lights or LEDs on your model layouts or dioramas.

Please Make sure that you select right product before you place order:

1. Choose DC 3V 1000mA or 5V USB DC 12V 2000mA

2. Choose US Plug or EU Plug or AU Plug

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