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smd led 0402/0603/0805/1206

--The 0402/0603/0805/1206 LEDs are a tiny dimension, Use these to illuminate locomotives, cars, scenic structures or anything else whose appearance would be enhanced with light at exactly the right place.

--LEDs CAN operate at 12volts DC and 20 mA.Need to connect resistance!Use funtrying 12V power supply to light up.

--RED&orange&yellow SMD LWDS Voltage 2V-2.2V

--Other Color SMD LEDS Voltage 3V

●Made of high quality material,durable.

●Size: SMD Led 0402 0603 0805 1206


●Light Size:

Approx0402 10x0.5x0.4mm/0.03x0.019x0.015inch

0603 1.6x0.8x0.6mm/0.06x0.03x0.02inch

0805 2.0x1.2x0.8mm/0.07x0.04x0.03inch

1206 3.2x1.6x0.8mm/0.12x0.06x0.03inch

●Wire Length:Approx.20cm

●Forward voltage: 2.8V~3.4V, AC or D.C compatible

●Forward current (typ/max): 15mA/20mA

●The Cathode is BLUE and the Anode is red.

●0402 wire diameter 0.1mm enameled wire

0603/0805/1206 0.34mm red and blue wire

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