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This Power Supply kit contains:
1. 3V/5v/ 12V Power Supply
2. 12Ports Distributor
3. 12 Male Plugs
4. 12 Linker Plugs

The power has 12 output ports and each port connects 5 Lights or LEDs, total 30 Lights or 60LEDs can be lighted up by this handy tool. Combine use with other FunTrying tools of ditribution to connect 60-70 lights or LEDs on your model layouts or dioramas.

Please Make sure that you select right product before you place order:
1. Choose DC 3V 1000mA or DC 12V 2000mA
2. Choose US Plug or EU Plug or AU Plug

3V-12V AC/DC Adapter Power Supply with 12 ports Power Supply Output