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new recommend

hot saling 0.5-0.8mm fine ture,it is suitable for making model ground

Grass podwder

1.5mm/3mm/5mm/8mm light green/mid green/deep green/yellow green/army greem it is realistic! wholesale price 10$/kg

new year,new company

I am very grateful for the support of all friends, I hope I can do something for you in the new year, and when you buy next time, I hope...


In November, there was a problem with our paypal account, which caused many buyers' payments to be rejected. Now, we have corrected this...

everything is normal

All orders have been sent, future orders can be sent normally, wish us all a happy

smd led 0402/0603/0805/1206

--The 0402/0603/0805/1206 LEDs are a tiny dimension, Use these to illuminate locomotives, cars, scenic structures or anything else whose...

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